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Directory of Prenatal Education Programs in Ontario

Best Start Resource Centre is developing an online, searchable, bilingual directory of prenatal education programs in Ontario to help providers and individuals find services that meet their needs. This form will gather information about prenatal education programs in Ontario, to populate the directory. If you would like your prenatal education programs listed in this directory, please complete this form. Please note that we require 1 form completed per location, based on the way the directory will function. Here are some examples:

  • If you offer 5 different prenatal education programs, all from the same location, please complete 1 form that includes all 5 services.
  • If you offer 5 different prenatal education programs, in 3 different locations, please fill out 3 forms (1 form per location).

Inclusion Criteria

Prenatal education programs are considered for inclusion in the online directory if they meet all of the following criteria:

  • Prenatal education programs provided in Ontario
  • Prenatal education programs provided in group, online, individual or drop in formats.
  • In person prenatal education programs offered by instructors with relevant qualifications (the form provides relevant details regarding qualifications)

Note: Healthy Babies Healthy Children programs should NOT be included.

Guidelines are not limited to these criteria and exceptions may be made on a case by case basis.

Special note for online programs and apps:

  •  If you offer both an in-person and an online program or app, please complete two forms (once for the in-person and once for the online program or app) .
  • In the form, you will be asked to enter “Online”, rather than a postal code location for the online program or app.
  • In the form, you will be able to enter the specific city or region served by the online program or app.

If you have any questions about this form or about the directory of prenatal education programs, please contact

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10. Language of program(s): (Select both English and French only if the same type of program is offered from the same postal code. Otherwise, fill out a separate survey for each language.) *

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Our programs are only for postpartum new parents. (Click Yes only if you do not offer any prenatal programs) *

Please provide a phone number, email address and/or website that is to be used for registration or to learn more about your programs. At least one option must be provided. This information will be shared on the directory. *